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Bridgton Parks and Beaches

*Pondicherry Park*
In 2012 the Town of Bridgton acquired Pondicherry Park from Loon Echo Land Trust with a perpetual conservation easement. Lakes Environmental Association was a partner in this project. Through this collaborative effort Pondicherry Park was created consisting of 66 acres of quiet woodlands and 3,200 feet of stream shore in the heart of downtown Bridgton.  The park is a protected landscape of woods, wildlife habitat, wetlands, and streams attracting people to low-impact recreation, education and study - a unique public park in the center of Bridgton.

Visit the Park Through Entrayways at the Following Five Locations:

1.  The Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge off Depot Street
The Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge, designed by Andy Buck and constructed by a team of local crafts-people, serves as the main entrance to the park from the public parking lot on Depot Street (behind the Magic Lantern).  This remarkable 60 foot structure is an adaptation of the traditional covered bridge with features that highlight the local talents that the late Bob Dunning, a Bridgton preservation craftsman, exemplified.

2.  The Ham Foundation Bridge near the Stevens Brook School
The Kendal and Anna Ham Charitable Foundation Bridge is located behind the Stevens Brook Elementary School and former Bridgton Memorial School.  This bridge, constructed by Great Northern Docks, allows students quick access to the park to learn about the natural world.  The Carol and David Hancock Chairtable Trust outdoor amphitheater is located just beyond the bridge.

3.  Willett Road at Willett Brook.
4.  South High Street near the Congregational Church.
5.  South High Street across from Bridgton Hospital.

Park hours are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Bicycles are not allowed in the park and can be left at the entryways.
Dogs are allowed only on the designated trail and they must be leashed.
Dog owners are responsible for all waste removal.
Camping and camp fires are not allowed.
Hunting is prohibited by local ordinance.
There is a carry-in, carry-out policy.
Visitors are asked to help remove any litter they may find.
Please stay on marked trails.
Please do not disturb plants or wildlife.
Please do not feed the wildlife.
Please respect the quiet and serene nature of the park.
Thank you for observing the above Park Rules

[Map of Pondicherry Park]

 *Public Beaches*
Public Beaches are located on Highland Lake, Woods Pond and Long Lake

Swim at your own risk
No glass containers on the beach
All bicycles in the bike rack
No animals on beach or beach area or within roped off area
No alcoholic beverages at beach area
No smoking on beach or beach area (parking lots exempted)
No littering - carry in...carry out
No boats of any kind within roped off area or on beach or beach area
No fishing, poles or hooks at beaches or beach areas within roped area
No swimming under docks or floats
No pushing or shoving or roughhousing on docks or floats
No touching or hanging on buoys or buoy lines
No throwing rocks
No nudity at beach or beach area.  Babies and toddlers must wear a diaper on land and wear a swim diaper or swim suit in water
No standing or climbing on metal poles (stanchions) or ladders on docks and floats
Adult supervision required for children age 12 & under
Do not feed ducks or geese

In addition to the above, the following apply to:

Highland Lake Beach - No floation devices, masks or snorkels in roped area, no running on docks, no swimming or diving near dam
Woods Pond Beach - No floation devices, masks or snorkels in roped area, no running on docks, no diving from staionary dock

Failure to follow beach rules or the direction of the lifeguard and/or authorized Recreation Department personnel will be considered a first violation of beach rules.

Failure to follow direction or warning by the lifeguard and/or Recreation Department personnel can result in a "time out" where the offender will be told to stay out of the water for a specified period of time.

Failure to follow beach rules or direction of the lifeguard and/or Recreation Department personnel resulting in the summoning of police personnel will be considered a second violation and can result in the issuing of a written trespass notice to the offender prohibiting use of all town beaches and adjacent park areas for one week from the time of the offense.

Violation of a written trespass order or multiple violations of beach rules or the direction of the lifeguard and/or Recreation Department personnel will be considered a third vioaltion and can result in an arrest by police and a one-year prohibition from use of all town beaches and adjacent park area.
Per order Bridgton Board of Selectmen 8/22/06

 *Boat Launching Facilities*
Boat Launching Facilities are available on Highland Lake, Woods Pond, Long Lake and Moose Pond.


To govern the use of town owned boat launching and docking facilities to assure reasonable use and access by all citizens and to provide for the enforcement of said rules and regulations by the Bridgton Police Department.

Applicable Locations: Unless otherwise excluded, these rules and regulations shall apply to all Town owned and operated boat launching facilities and docking facilities.

Rules and Regulations:
1.  No person shall tie up or leave any boat or water craft in the area around any launching facilities, floats or docks except when loading and unloading cargo and/or passengers, or where otherwise allowed by posted official notice.  There shall be no overnight docking permitted at these facilities.
2.  All wheeled vehicles including trailers shall be parked only in designated areas.
3.  Fires, camping or other overnight stays at the launching or docking facilities is prohibited.
4.  Removing, injuring or damaging any parts of the facilities including plants, land, structures or natural conditions at the facilities is prohibited.
5.  Discharging wastes of any kind, including but not limited to soaps, detergents, and refuse is prohibited.  Other than at designated locations provided for vehicle, boat and trailer washing, there shll be no washing of any boats, wheeled vehicles or transporting equipment at the launching or docking facilities.
6.  Swimming in and around or off of any of the above facilities is prohibited.
7.  The use of boat launching and docking facilities and parking areas between sunset and sunrise for purposes other than fishing or the launching and retrieving of boats if prohibited.
8.  There shall not be any storage of boats, trailers, vehicles, equipment, ice shacks or other property at the above described facilities except during the usage times as defined herein.
9.  The use of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is prohibited and is also a violation of the Town's Park Ordinance "Safe Zones" related to use of such substances within 1000 feet of any public park or Safe Zone.
Enforcement and Penalties: As determined by the Law Enforcement Officer, any violation of the above rules and regulations shall be subject to a Civil Penalty except where the violation of substance abuses within a designated Safe Zone area.  In the latter case, those shall be prosecuted according to the Ordinance.  In all cases, prosecution shall be to the fullest extent of the law with the Officer having discretion for minor first time violations of these Rules and Regualtions.
Approved by the Bridgton Board of Selectmen August 2011

Salmon Point Campground was purchased by the Town of Bridgton in the mid 1980's for the purposes of providing the community and its visitors with a breathtaking access to Long Lake.

Over the years, the Town further developed the 51 sites into a comfortable and relaxed campground that continues to provide the campters with the kinds of camping experiences that create life long memories.  The sites provide easy access to the beach area along with the basic utilities, two buildings that include a laundry and restroom facilities, parking and most of all a clean, peaceful and enjoyable area on the shores of Long Lake. 

The full time campground manager and the staff provide daily maintenance and friendly assistance to the campers and visitors alike making it one of the most affordable seasonal campgrounds in the Lakes Region. 

With the Town of Bridgton being less than a mile away campers and visitors can easiily satisfy their appetites, visit other parks and beaches, stroll the downtown and experience the many shops and stores, go to the movies, replenish their basic camping and living supplies and in case of an emergency have the Bridgton hospital attend to medical needs. 

The Campground operates from May 1 through October 15, annually and has provisions for on-site storage.