Comprehensive Plan Committee 2014 Agendas



The Committee meets every Monday at 6 PM to work on this plan.  They meet in the Selectmen's Hearing room in the Municipal Building.  They won't stop until it's done!

Comprehensive plan advisory committee


Bob Wiser, Co-Chair 4 Keene Lane 647-5348/318-1641 
Gregory Watkins, Co-Chair 445 Kansas Road 899-8967/647-8524
Glen “Bear” Zaidman 337 Wildwood Road 647-9593
Lucia Terry 115 Pond Road 647-8767
Richard P. Danis 17 Elm Street/P.O. Box 24
Ray Turner 99 Luck Grove 647-2020
Charles R. Renneker 380 Hio Ridge Road 591-4292
Bill Vincent 67 Portland Road 939-7245
Selectman Bob McHatton (Liason to Committee)

Comprehensive Plan committee


NARRATIVE:  Under State law, municipalities must develop a comprehensive plan in conformance with both statutes and ordinances that outlines or addresses what that community want to become, how it will manage growth and the steps or stages it will take to achieve a commonly held vision of that community. The Plan usually is updated half way through its ten year life cycle.

MISSION AND CHARGE:  To develop a commonly held vision of what Bridgton is and/or should be through a community wide effort that involves a cross representation of all interests and citizens.  From that vision, the plan should outline a series steps or stages as well as the necessary local ordinances that will help to guide the growth of the community in a manner that allows it to achieve the vision.

Members are appointed by the Select Board on an annual basis, usually in January of each year.  The Board may also appoint members during the year as they deem necessary.

The Select Board will appoint a committee consisting of enough citizens who shall meet at such frequencies and locations as to encourage additional citizen input. The Committee shall appoint their chair, vice chair and recorder.  Town Staff may be act as resource to the Committee but shall not have any formal vote. The Committee shall develop their meeting agendas in such a way as to allow for a complete update of the existing Comprehensive Plan incorporating the many subjects, sectors and issues that must be thought through and publicly discussed to achieve a consensus. The Committee must also review the existing plan to determine if the development and passage of any ordinances now will compliment the final outcomes of the updated Plan. The Committee may also appoint subcommittees to work on sections of the Plan.  Subcommittees may bring resource people and other citizens into the discussion to educate and inform committee members but they are not a voting member. All reports shall be in the form of recommendations to the full Committee who, after a full review, shall by consensus determine which elements becomes part of the main Plan. Every member of the Committee shall comply with existing state law and the policies and procedures of the town including but not limited to the conduct and notice of meetings, the Town’s Ethics and Guidelines Policy, conflict of interest laws and the Town Personnel Policies.

The Committee shall report to the Select Board at least quarterly, the work and progress they have achieved on various assignments and issues. As an advisory committee, the CPC makes recommendations to the Board for consideration. The Committee may request volunteers to assist their efforts, however such persons are not considered voting members of the Committee. The Committee may request additional authorization from the Select Board for specific activities.

MEETINGS:  The Committee shall hold regular public meetings, be responsible for the creation and posting of all agendas and the creation of the public record of each meeting in accordance with the prevailing state law.  Such records shall be forwarded to the Select Board and any other entities they are working with.

The Committee shall recommend to the Select Board a final version of the updated plan, representing the collective efforts. Where there was not consensus, a minority report may be prepared and delivered to the Select Board for their review. Unless requested by the Select Board to remain in existence, a Comprehensive Plan Committee shall sunset or go out of existence upon the final actions of the town meeting that must vote to accept or reject the proposed plan.

​AMENDMENTS: The Select Board may amend this Charge and Mission as they deem appropriate.

November 2012

3 Chase St Suite 1
Bridgton, Maine 04009

current work of the comprehensive plan committee - almost done!

the Comprehensive Plan

Here is the final version of the Comprehensive Plan - the committee has worked very hard over the last 3 years on this important project. 

Please know this is the document you will be voting upon at the November 4th 2014 ballot.  Chapter 12, in particular, is the document that sets out the policies for the town in all aspects for the next 10 years.  Make sure this is what you want to see by reading the document.

There was a workshop with the Select Board on July 21st at 6 PM in the Municipal Office.

The Committee was also available to answer questions and receive comments at their meeting July 28th at 6 PM in the Municipal Office.

There was a public hearing on August 12th at 6 PM in the Municipal Office.  The public notice is here. 

Click on the following for more understanding from the state on comprehensive plans:  State of Maine Comprehensive Plan requirements 

Here is the PowerPoint created by staff to help traverse the plan. 

Final chapters: